File transfers
done right

Transfer video, pictures and documents blazingly fast between devices on your local network.

Screenshot of Payload: Compose Screenshot of Payload: Inbox Screenshot of Payload: Device Setup


Devices connected through Wifi

Device Discovery

Payload devices on the same local network find each other automatically.

Drag and drop

Easy to Use

Browse, drag & drop or paste both files and directories into Payload. No need to zip anything.


Blazing Fast

Enjoy much higher transfer speeds than what you can get over a typical internet connection.

Counter showing 1.3 TB

Massive Files

Payload welcomes files of all shapes and sizes. If a transfer is interrupted, it will resume automatically.

Two devices of different sort running Payload

Cross Platform

Payload runs on Windows, macOS and Linux, which means most desktops and laptops.



All transfers are end-to-end encrypted. Nobody else can see your files, including us.

Get Started

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Launch Payload and set up your device.